About Us

Mission, Vision, Values

Independence Health was formed by like-minded organizations that want to keep their independence but also work collaboratively to better the health of our communities. Following are the mission, vision and values of Independence Health and the organizations that make it up.


It is the mission of Independence Health to collaborate with like-minded independent healthcare organizations in an effort to provide further access to quality, affordable primary and specialty care to better serve the patients of our community.


It is the vision of Independence Health to be the frontrunner in the active collaboration of independent hospitals and healthcare professionals offering high valued patient care, employee engagement and management efficiency.


The core values of Independence Health are to efficiently and effectively deliver innovative, affordable, quality care through sustainable independent engagements and partnerships where and when it’s needed.


The Wood County Hospital Board of Trustees, Employees, Medical Staff and Volunteers are dedicated to providing the highest quality preventive, restorative, educational, and rehabilitative healthcare services to all. In fulfilling our mission, we shall strive to:

Provide the highest quality care;

Maintain an environment attractive to retain qualified healthcare personnel;

Identify, initiate and provide innovative services in response to the healthcare needs of our region;

Cultivate a proactive approach to the provision of safe, effective care;

Identify and implement business practices that promote the stability and viability of Wood County Hospital;

Foster a spirit of cooperation among area providers.


Wood County Hospital will serve as the core provider for medical, surgical and preventive services in Wood and Henry counties. In achieving this status, Wood County Hospital will operate in the top quartile for outcomes; and at a competitive cost compared to other providers. Wood County Hospital will collaborate with other providers to assure care is appropriate, coordinated, and cost effective.


Collaboration, Integrity, Respect, Compassion, Loyalty, Excellence