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Your Guide To A Happy And Healthy Workforce, Focusing On:

Mental Health

Physical Health

Nutritional Health

Social health

Attracting and keeping quality employees is one of the toughest issues facing businesses today. Independence Health Employer Services was developed to offer business owners a way to not only keep their employees happy but healthy as well.

For a low monthly fee per participant, our program can help you:
•Ensure convenient, timely access to appropriate care. Your primary care provider’s team will ensure you experience no delay in securing the appropriate care in your health and wellness journey.

•Personalize care coordination to improve the health and wellness of your employees. your primary care provider and team of health care professionals will not only leverage medical resources but also pharmacy, nutritional and other therapy services, such as physical therapy or behavioral health, to help ensure your employees are receiving the appropriate care at the appropriate time. In addition, preventative care management programs will be utilized to help lessen the severity of common illnesses.

•Reduce absenteeism while increasing engagement and productivity which leads to better retention. Healthy, happier employees are more engaged, productive and less likely to look for different positions or to call off work. As the employer, this comprehensive approach to health and wellness will not only help engage your team but also help reduce your year over year medical spend.

We can also tailor a program that fits your company and workforce by assisting with the mental, social and physical wellbeing of your employees. Some of our additional services include Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Employee Engagement, COVID vaccination and testing and Musculoskeletal Wellness Management Program

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